Opinion column – Tourism Times with Tim Norman

We haven't seen any sign of building work on the Beaconsfield car park site.
We haven't seen any sign of building work on the Beaconsfield car park site.

2017 is already looking to be an exciting one for Bridlington within the tourism arena.

The Bridlington Marina Project may be getting closer than ever before and it is possible that it may happen in the next five years.

Tim Norman, owner of the Royal Hotel.

Tim Norman, owner of the Royal Hotel.

This will be a great boost to the marketability of tourism in the town, especially with the potential for new visitors coming to Bridlington.

One thing does come as a concern though, especially from an article in a recent Free Press.

It would appear that the plans for the new marina will also include some reclamation of land, and on that area of land it is in the plans to build a hotel and shopping complex as was initially mooted in the Area Action Plan.

Now this in itself is fine, however, the same argument was used to provide planning permission for the Premier Inn on Beaconsfield Car Park where it was to support the great works done at the Bridlington Spa to attract multi-day events.

As we know the Beaconsfield Car Park has been empty and closed since September 2016 with no sign of any works going ahead on it.

I do hope that something will be happening on this site as it would be a real shame if Whitbread decide to hold off with their development on the presumption that a better site may come available on the harbour development.

We don’t want to see Beaconsfield Car Park empty over summer but we do want to see the Marina development take shape.

On a separate note, over this New Year we have been lucky enough to have a great holiday in the sun.

However, there was one thing which really came home to us.

During our stay one of our party was taken very ill and luckily we had ensured that all of our party were well covered on holiday insurance.

This did spoil our holiday somewhat.

However it really brought home the importance of insurance whether at home or abroad for one thing and most importantly, although the medical services both at our resort and in the hospital were tremendous, the nursing services were virtually non-existent despite having to initially pay out thousands of pounds on this medical treatment.

Living in the UK we are so fortunate to have the NHS and to be able to rely upon the wonderful care and treatment we receive.

It is only when we receive a lower quality service that we appreciate fully the services we take for granted.

Although the vast majority of visitors to Bridlington are UK residents, any visitors from abroad would receive the same wonderful treatment that we are so proud of without the need to pay thousands of pounds up front before any treatment is provided.

And finally this month, an event which we can not forget about – The Tour de Yorkshire draws ever nearer with only 12 weeks to go – it is now time to commence planning for our “Time to Shine”.