Opinion: A positive outlook for Bridlington this year

Tim Norman.
Tim Norman.

First of all I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. The New Year celebrations have been and gone and this year with the added excitement of the Flamborough Fire Festival, which was an exciting and exhilarating close of 2015.

January each year brings into focus the Awards Season, with the Golden Globes, the Oscars and, in our case here in Bridlington, the REYTAs – the Remarkable East Yorkshire Tourism Awards.

The Flamborough Fire Festival brought 2015 to an exciting close.

The Flamborough Fire Festival brought 2015 to an exciting close.

The REYTAs are open to many different types of business and events and could provide a lot of publicity for the finalists, never mind the winners in each category.

Additionally, of course, this time next year hopefully East Yorkshire and Bridlington Old Town in particular will be holding its breath when we find out whether Dads Army has been nominated for BAFTAs or Oscars.

We are already banking on the demand for accommodation and tourism in general to improve following the release of the movie at the start of February. Just imagine the impact if the movie won some Oscars?

Over the close of 2015 we, on the beautiful East Coast, can count ourselves very lucky. Every time we switch on the TV we have seen scenes of devastation from York, Cumbria and Scotland.

Yes, we have had some rain but Bridlington has once again proven to be a very dry part of the world.This really is one of our best Unique Selling Points.

So what have we to look forward to as regards developments in Bridlington in 2016?

One thing which we can’t miss is the opening of the brand new Leisure Centre for Bridlington. I am looking forward to seeing all of the wonderful new opportunities it will bring to the town.

The Old Town Gallery on High Street is undergoing a well-deserved face lift thanks largely to a dedicated group of volunteers and a welcome High Street Fund Grant from East Riding of Yorkshire Council. So look out for the publicity of the grand re-opening.

In the meantime, however, don’t forget to continue to visit as the artworks are well worth a look. Just like Great Bridlington as a whole when it comes to tourism – there is something for everybody, every occasion and every pocket.

Additionally, there is the potential for one, if not more than one, new ‘hotel’ to be developed in Bridlington.

Although this type of accommodation is the modern way for tourists and travellers to rest their weary heads at the end of a busy day, businesses, such as the Premier Inn, Travelodge and Marstons Inns will spell a massive change of fortunes one way or another for many around the town.