One of Bridlington’s oldest women dies aged 107

Blanche Mannix on her 107th birthday last year with a card from the Queen. (PA1234-3)
Blanche Mannix on her 107th birthday last year with a card from the Queen. (PA1234-3)

One of the oldest women in Bridlington whose birthdays regularly featured in the pages of the Free Press has died at the age of 107.

Blanche Mannix, who moved to Bridlington as a youngster and returned to the town more than 20 years ago, passed away on Wednesday May 1.

Blanche celebrated her 107th birthday in August last year at the Mallard Court retirement home on Avocet Way.

Her son Damien, who lives in Leeds, said: “It’s a real grand old age to reach. Up until a couple of weeks ago, she was incredibly spritely. She was very independent and she always lived life to the full right up to the very end.

“She will be buried at the Killingbeck Cemetery in Leeds which is a huge cemetery, and we have had word back from them that she will be the oldest person buried there.

“She lived in Bridlington as a child, before she moved to Leeds, and came back there probably 20 to 25 years ago. She has been at Mallard Court for nearly four years now, and she always had absolutely excellent care and really enjoyed her life.”

Blanche, originally from Moose Jaw, Canada, marked her birthday on August 20, and was regularly joined by family and friends to celebrate.

She was born shortly after the Wright Brothers took to the skies in the first aeroplane, the year Einstein published his theories on relativity, the Russian revolution began. She lived through two World Wars.

She moved to Bridlington as a young girl, before moving to Leeds after she married. She worked for a hairdresser for a time, before having two sons.

Blanche herself credits her longevity to her vegetarianism and healthy, non-smoking lifestyle.

Up until recently she was still very independent; regularly going out on trips with the Friends of the Elderly and with her family.

Sylvia Burnett, general manager at Mallard Court, said: “She was a wonderful lady and really of the old school. She had some remarkable stories to tell and she often used to invite me up for a sherry although I couldn’t partake while I was on duty.

“She had a double room which was decorated individually with some marvellous memorabilia, and she was independent until not long before she passed away.

“Blanche came to us just before her 104th birthday and celebrated it here with quite a big party.”