Once a fortnight

BROWN bin collection is going back to once every two weeks.

Around 120,000 of the garden waste bins in Bridlington and across the East Riding have as of this week gone back to their original 14 day collection routine which latter was just once a month.

It follows the council’s new collection of food waste and cardboard in brown bins which were originally just for garden waste.

Food waste caddies for use in the home are being rolled out this week in Bridlington and Driffield. The rest of the East Riding will follow with all households being supply by June.

The wants people to use a home composter for garden waste, putting only the excess in the brown bins to allow space for food waste and cardboard and residents are asked not to put food waste in the brown bins until they receive a caddy.

To help manage the amount of garden waste created by the start of the better weather, the council has an offer for home composters. For information, visit www.eastriding.getcomposting.com.