On the Beat column with Humberside Police

Unmarked police motorbikes will be out and about in the East Riding area.
Unmarked police motorbikes will be out and about in the East Riding area.

Bridlington has for a long time had its local Community Cop Shop located on Quay Road but it’s time for a move.

The team have moved to Room 16 of The Key Centre (Behind Christ Church, Quay Road).

The Humberside Police logo.

The Humberside Police logo.

The team of dedicated PCSOs and Community Safety Volunteers will be on hand at the centre between 10am to 2pm, Monday to Friday.

They will have lots of crime prevention advice in leaflet form and are always willing to help people with their questions and concerns.

Community Policing is very much at the heart of Humberside Police and we want to encourage everyone to drop in to the Cop Shop when they are passing to have a chat with the Community Safety Volunteers and PCSOs.

The Cop shop has a Facebook page “Community Copshop” @communitycopshop and are on Twitter with @Copshop_Brid.

Community Safety Volunteers help out not only at the Cop Shop in Bridlington but are an extremely valued asset to the Community Police family.

Whether you are looking for a career in the police or have a few extra hours a week you could dedicate to helping others we’d love to hear from you.

You can find out more on our website: http://www.humberside.police.uk/become-community-safety-volunteer.

Road Safety for motorcyclists in the East Riding

We have seen two motorcyclist fatalities on the roads of the East Riding already this year.

Our rural roads are so popular with cyclists and we encourage everyone to visit the area and enjoy the ride. However, please slow down.

The B1249 across the Wolds is a particularly picturesque road but can be extremely dangerous at this time of year as farms along the route move farm machinery and livestock around and the increased traffic heading for the coast come in to the mix.

If you are heading out to enjoy the ride but share the road and give consideration to all road users.