‘Oi! Behave!’ - Talking CCTV cameras to warn Bridlington trouble-makers

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“Oi... we can see what you’re up to!”

That’s the ‘Big Brother’ style message that will blare out of the town’s CCTV cameras to over-zealous revellers throughout the festive period.

Some CCTV cameras in Bridlington town centre have the ability to transmit audio messages - and it is planned that over the busy Christmas period, those that monitor the CCTV cameras will not only ‘call out’ to people they see behaving anti-socially, but also pass on key messages about behaving appropriately in the town centre.

Sgt Mark Shingles, of Humberside Police’s Licensing and Public Order Unit, said he hopes the plan will reduce violent crime, public order offences and anti-social behaviour throughout the town over Christmas.

He said: “It is hoped that by raising the profile of these CCTV cameras, people who are in town and are considering misbehaving will know they are being watched because someone in the control room at the CCTV centre will actually speak to them directly via the audio capability within the CCTV units.

“It is therefore anticipated that they will reconsider their behaviour and stop what they are doing before the police are called to deal with these instances of anti-social behaviour.

“Because the cameras are fitted with this audio capability they will also serve to send out the occasional crime prevention message to anyone we see as being vulnerable to becoming a victim of crime or one who may be considering committing a crime.”

The idea for using the CCTV audio function on the cameras came from East Riding of Yorkshire Council, who are responsible for monitoring them.