Tatt’s number 17 for Bridlington Miley Cyrus fan

Bridlingtons Carl McCoid with his new Miley Cyrus tattoo, pictured with tattooist Stuart Rollisson. Picture Richard Ponter 123518
Bridlingtons Carl McCoid with his new Miley Cyrus tattoo, pictured with tattooist Stuart Rollisson. Picture Richard Ponter 123518
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A SUPER fan who attracted worldwide fame after getting 16 tattoos of pop star Miley Cyrus has had yet another one done while being filmed for a national television documentary.

And in October Miley Cyrus fanatic Carl McCoid will appear in an episode of BBC2’s Never Mind the Buzzcocks.

Carl, 39, of Thixendale Road, has had his 17th tattoo done of Miley Cyrus which has been filmed by Channel 4 Cutting Edge documentary about tattoos which is due to be aired in October.

And with a new side profile of Cyrus adorning his right calf Carl has vowed to continue with the tattoos despite people closest to him questioning whether or not it has become an obsession.

“I may as well keep going, what’s stopping me now? As long as there’s a theme on the go, and now it’s become known, so why stop there?

“It’s not a case that I just want a tattoo put anywhere on my body, it has got to be done properly and all the tattoos I have got are all symmetrical so I will probably have to have one done on my other leg to match up with my new tattoo,” he said.

“When people look at the tattoos they don’t pass comment about it but people closest to me have said ‘don’t you think it’s a bit much’, ‘are you obsessed’, ‘what about the future?’

“I have got three kids and they may ask questions in the future but I don’t think about that, it’s the now. As long as they look good and are in the right places. I just think strike while the iron is hot,” he added.

Carl hit the headlines back in June after he became a worldwide internet sensation by posting pictures of his 15 Miley Cyrus tattoos on the social networking site Twitter.

Last month he was back in the spotlight after his 16th tattoo attracted interest from a German television production company who filmed the tattoo of Cyrus’s face being created on his right arm.

With the press and television coverage has come attention from the public but Carl said the only comments so far have been positive.

“When I go into shops people say it’s the Miley Cyrus tattoo man, it’s all positive. The only comments I have had on Twitter, 99 times out of 100 they are compliments. People in the street think it’s brilliant,” he said.

All but one of Carl’s Miley Cyrus tattoos have been created by Stuart Rollisson, owner of the Black Lantern tattoo studio, on Marshall Avenue in Bridlington, who has been tattooing for nine years. Stuart said Carl’s decision to have another one done came as no surprise .

“I wasn’t surprised to be fair because it’s Carl, he isn’t a surprise anymore.” “I think if there was a line with Miley Cyrus it’s been crossed,” he added.