Cat left with burns in acid spray attack - COMMENT ON THIS STORY

Smudge the cat with chemical burns pictured with owners Joy & Mike Harrison
Smudge the cat with chemical burns pictured with owners Joy & Mike Harrison

CAT owners have been warned to stay on the lookout after a cat was left badly burned when sprayed with a substance thought to be acid.

Joy and Mike Harrison, of Sewerby Road, noticed their nine-month-old kitten Smudge was in distress when she returned to the house after being allowed out on Friday, March 18.

Smudge’s back leg was ulcerated and had lost it’s fur after being sprayed with a chemical liquid, thought to be a type of acid.

“It was terrible to see Smudge in pain, we didn’t know what had happened when she came back,” said Joy, who along with Smudge has another kitten Alfie and a twelve-year-old German Sheperd Bella.

“The fur had come away from her back leg where she had obviously been sprayed with something, causing third degree burns.

“I have heard that some people spray cats with water to keep them out of their gardens, but this time someone has used something else.

“I know that cats aren’t everybody’s cup of tea, but people should realise that doing something like this to any cat is very dangerous.”

Smudge spent most of the last two weeks going back and forth to her vet in Filey, where she was also treated for an ulcerated throat after licking some of the substance from her leg.

“Thankfully she is OK now, she has regained all her old enthusiasm,” continued Joy.

“I would urge all cat owners, or the owners of any pets, to keep an eye out for this type of thing.”

Kay Harrison, of Bridlington RSPCA, has also urged pet owners to be vigilant.

“Cats are naturally an animal that loves wandering, but owners should be careful when letting them out,” said Kay.

“Everyone should keep an eye out for them and not let them out for too long. If neighbours have a problem with a cat in their garden, they should approach the owner instead of doing something like this.”