Any’fin possible with Tour de Yorkshire

Would you try a blue fish and chip supper?
Would you try a blue fish and chip supper?

Tour de Yorkshire fever is spreading rapidly, but one business owner’s particularly fishy idea may set a colourful new standard in celebration of the event.

Audrey’s Fish and Chips on Queen Street is still serving up delicious fish and chips, but the customers may be taken aback when their fish supper is served with a distinct difference.

“We just thought we would do something gimmicky, so we decided to dye the fish blue”, said owner James Morrison. “We also use a different type of potato which is more yellow than other varieties.”

As expected the idea received a somewhat mixed response after James took to social media to test the water.

“We put it on Facebook and had 50-50 response, some people think it looks disgusting and others think it looks good.

“All it is, is food colouring.”

Debra Swaryczewska Oliver posted: “Why would you want blue fish. Doesn’t look appetising.”

Thelma Milns added: “stomach churning!”

Andrea Ward said: “That looks awful but each to their own I suppose!”

But Savannah Jones commented: “I think it looks ace! I’ll definitely be trying that,”

Tim Norman added: “That looks so delicious! Should be selling Blue Lobster as well.”

The town is currently undergoing a transformation which has so far seen blue and yellow painted bikes pop up on the outsides of pubs, restaurants and guest houses throughout Bridlington.

But the Tour De Yorkshire celebrations at the humble chippy do not end there.

James also plans to quench thirsts on the day with blue and yellow slushy, and will kit-out staff with blue and yellow uniforms.

The Tour de Yorkshire race is to be broadcast live on ITV following the success of the Tour de France’s Grand Départ in Yorkshire last year.