Another bird targeted in craze

Not a happy bird
Not a happy bird

A bizarre craze which has seen dozens of seagulls and other birds dyed and painted vivid colours across the country is ongoing in Bridlington.

A third seagull, which had been painted purple, was found at Bridlington Harbour by Oliver Stone, who took a photograph in an effort to raise awareness of the cruel practice.

It comes after two further gull chicks were discovered in Bridlington, one of which died as a result of the toxic car paint which it had been smothered in.

A spokesperson for the RSPCA had previously branded the practice as cruel, and has urged anyone with information to get in touch.

The spokesperson added: “This isn’t funny, it is cruel and unnecessary, and it’s particularly concerning to hear about it happening to a chick.

“Dyeing a bird could cause allergic reactions and compromise the animal’s’ ability to communicate with other animals of their own and other species. It could make them more vulnerable to predators.

“Birds could find being held and restrained while the dyeing/painting process is undertaken very stressful.

“Some birds will try to clean any substance from their feathers to keep themselves clean. Having an unwanted substance on their feathers could lead them to ingest the dye/paint.

“There is the potential for the dye/paint to be toxic and harm the animals. There is also the potential that people may use other substances for dyeing or painting, which could prove toxic if ingested.”