Objection to new flats

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A planning application for nine new flats has been approved despite strong opposition from neighbours and organisations.

Neighbours along Alexandra Walk said the development on their doorstep would “spoil the sea view” for surrounding properties, pose a risk to pedestrians and create traffic problems.

The planning application had been submitted to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s Easternn Area Planning Sub-committee because of the high number of objections it had received.

The site on Alexandra Walk had been earmarked for another complex in 2002, which would have seen the construction of 59 flats.

That application was refused and now developers plan to build the new development following the demolition of an existing dwelling on the street.

But neighbouring residents are angry with the proposal and have even threatened legal action.

Peter and Sandra Rudlinton said: “We are all elderly residents of Alexandra Court with 65 apartments and have sunk our life savings into buying these properties.

“Now we are being told by some developer of nineteen apartments he can do what he wants because he is a millionaire.

“From the new development the road leading to this is not fit for purpose and could not handle the volume of traffic as it is a one width vehicle road with no passing point.

“We are taking legal action advice and willing to go to court to appeal as we have no other option.”

Veronica Stables added: “Alexandra Walk is a main pedestrian access from Flamborough Road and the car park to the beach and the access is too narrow for the proposed residents’ cars .

Further opposition to the development was not confined only to residents of Alexandra Road, as neighbours on Highcliffe Court voiced their concerns.

Jocelyn Ramsden said: “I would hope the design / artists impress is to change as at the moment it looks like a 1960s car park and does not fit with the architecture on either side.

“The other concern I have is the road as this only a single track and much more traffic will be using what is only a footpath at the moment.”

Although Highway Control said the development would allow for “satisfactory vehicular access”, a total of 26 further neighbours objected to the application, as well as Bridlington and District Civic Society.

The society claimed proposed design is “distant in comparison to the adjacent buildings on Alexandra Walk”.

Alan Menzies, the council’s director of planning and economic regeneration, said the subcommittee has “no objection to the principle of providing nine residential apartments on the site”.

It was recommended that the application is approved subject to written permission from the authority for the development’s layout, scale, appearance access and landscaping.

The council also said vehicle access to the site would need to be improved by widening the pedestrian access.

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