OAP betrayed by her own carer

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A thieving carer who stole from an 83-year-old grandmother has left her unable to trust even her own family.

Thomas Fynn, of Teal Garth, in Bridlington, only pleaded guilty to stealing £25 from the purse of an 83-year-old woman on the day of the trial at Hull Crown Court.

This is despite being caught “red-handed” by the police.

The betrayal has had a huge impact on the Bridlington grandmother, who did not want to be named.

Speaking to the Free Press following the court case, her daughter Angela Cooper said: “She was absolutely devastated. At the time he was the only male carer. I have three sons, two who are teenagers, and they are very close to mum.

“Before all this happened she said they carry some of the same characteristics as him –it makes me feel sick now.

“But mum thought he was lovely. So much so she told me that if he had asked for the money she would have given it to him. That’s the type of person she was.

“Now she doesn’t know who to trust – she finds it hard to trust even close family members.”

Fynn, 39, was caught with the stolen cash by police after Mrs Cooper set a ‘trap’ to find out where the missing notes were going.

“Mum had always been very organised with her money. Even when I was growing up she had different compartments for cash she needed for different things,” said Mrs Cooper.

But her mum started not having the money for appointments when the hairdresser would come round.

“At first I thought she’s 83, she’s probably just forgotten but one time she asked me to watch her put the money in her purse.

“But again she didn’t have the money when it came to the appointment.”

So Mrs Cooper folded the notes into an “almost origami style” and took down the serial number of each note.

On the day Fynn visited the money went missing. Mrs Cooper said she called the police straight away but they didn’t have a car available and instead picked up Fynn after his second visit to her mother’s home.

Mrs Cooper said: “The police told me he still had the notes in his pocket which had the same serial number.”

Having previously denied the charge, Fynn pleaded guilty on the day of his trail.

“The day of the trial was very, very difficult and very emotional. We’d never done anything like this before,” added Mrs Cooper.

“We were kept there for four hours before our barrister came through and told us he had changed his plea. We both just burst into tears.”

He was committed to jail for six months suspended for two years, ordered to carry out 250 hours of unpaid work, pay compensation of £25 and £1,500 in court costs.

Mrs Cooper added: “She felt totally betrayed. I don’t think the compensation is anywhere near enough. The affect it has had on my mum has been huge. She hasn’t been able to return home, she’s been in hospital and now she’s in a care home.

“The £25 isn’t a huge amount but it is emotionally and when you compare the way she was before and the way she is now I wouldn’t have been happy with any price, it’s priceless.”

He pleaded guilty to two counts of theft – one of £10, the other of £15 in November 2016 on the day of his trial at Hull Crown Court and Fynn was sentenced on Monday August 7.