Numerous reports of phone scam sparks warning

Residents in Bridlington are being warned
Residents in Bridlington are being warned

Residents are being warned about a phone scam following numerous reports of an automated call in Bridlington.

Heather Peatfield, of St John's Street, wants to warn others after she received an automated call claiming to be from Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs.

She said: "The message said HMRC is building a case against me and to press one to speak to someone. This is a scam.

"For someone who's not sure they could fall victim to it. I want to warn others that if they get a call like this it's not real."

Her friend also received the same call and other reports of a similar calls have been reported on social media.

National Trading Standards, who provide advice on how to spot a scam, say a scammer may:

Contact you out of the blue

Make promises that sound too good to be true - if something sounds too good to be true it probably is

Ask you to pay for something up-front - for example, they'll ask you to pay a fee before you can claim a prize

Ask you to make a quick decision by saying things like ‘if you don’t act now you’ll miss out’. This puts you under pressure and doesn’t give you time to think

Be over-familiar and over-friendly with you

Tell you an offer has to be kept secret

Ask for your bank account details. Never give your bank details to people you don’t know, especially people you meet online

Give a mobile number or PO Box number as the contact for their company- these are easy to close and difficult to trace. It may be a sign that the company doesn’t exist or isn't legitimate. Check out the company's details with Companies House or look on the internet for more details about them.