‘Not enough progress made’ at Brid Hospital

May Sexton'Flambrorugh'Writte to Greg Knight over the Hospital and got a reply'PA1128-26a
May Sexton'Flambrorugh'Writte to Greg Knight over the Hospital and got a reply'PA1128-26a

CAMPAIGNER May Sexton is unhappy with the lack of progress at Bridlington Hospital since Health Secretary Andrew Lansley’s visit last December.

In a letter sent to MP Greg Knight, Mrs Sexton, of Woodland, Flamborough, outlined how problems such as a leaky roof and the closure of two wards and the operating theatre had not been resolved and she is dissatisfied with the response given to Mr Knight from trust chief executive Mike Proctor.

He wrote to Greg Knight and said he did “not want to raise any unrealistic expectations” about re-opening the wards but that the trust is “actively planning to reopen in-patient capacity at Bridlington in time for the winter”.

Mr Proctor said work on the operating theatre is now scheduled following the completion of the tendering process and it is expected to open by the beginning of next year.

In regard to fixing a section of the hospital’s leaky roof, which Mrs Sexton says has been a problem for several years, Mr Proctor said work to fix it will be completed in around six weeks time.

In his letter to Mr Knight he also announced the news that the hospital has a new manager who will start onsite on August 1.

However, Mrs Sexton is unconvinced that any real progress is being made and is continuing her letter campaign, supported by the WI, which has seen thousands of letters circulated calling on the Prime Minister to work towards reinstating services at Bridlington Hospital such as the cardiac unit and the acute medical services.

“I want a bit more response than this, it is on the right lines but it definitely isn’t positive enough for me,” said Mrs Sexton.

“I hope the new hospital manager has a strong medical background because I think there are far too many non-medical people involved in the trust.

“They are more business-orientated and what we need is strong medical staff like the old matrons who really knew their stuff.”

Mrs Sexton also feels let down by Health Secretary Andrew Lansley, who visited the hospital last year and gave assurances that Bridlington Hospital had a bright future.

“I have not seen any improvements, it has just been going further downhill,” she said.

“There is no movement, the buckets are still out there for the leaky roof which was a problem when he visited.

“The theatre was supposed to have been closed for six weeks – that was last December.

“It was closed when I met with the Health Secretary back then and he was assured that it would be open within six weeks and that it would be operating again. This has not happened.”

Mrs Sexton said she knew of people, particularly the elderly, who were frightened to go to Scarborough Hospital and would rather stay in their homes than have to travel there for treatment.

She said: “The people of Bridlington paid for a lot of the heart equipment that has been taken away from us and given to Scarborough. It is still being used, so it is not outdated and I think we deserve to have it back.”

Around 4,000 letters have been circulated by Mrs Sexton’s supporters, calling on the government to take notice of what the local public would like to see happening at Bridlington Hospital.

Mrs Sexton said that she will continue her campaign “until somebody listens”.