NOT AGAIN! Santa's Sleigh attacked for a second time in Bridlington

Bridlington Round Table
Bridlington Round Table

Troublemakers again targeted Santa's Sleigh on the last night of its tour of Bridlington.

Volunteers from Bridlington Round Table had eggs thrown at them as they went around the West Hill estate.

It follows an incident on Prickett Road last week when youths abused the team and tried to steal sweets and money which had been collected for local charities.

A police statement said: "Again, while Santa was with the Round Table, a few local children have spoilt the fun and festivities for the locals of West Hill in Bridlington by throwing eggs at volunteers.

"If anyone knows who was involved in this anti-social behaviour, please contact the local community team via 101 in confidence.

"Behaviour like this spoils all the good work that voluntary organisations do in the community."

Despite the second Wednesday night in a row, where the volunteers had encountered trouble, the Round Table vowed to carry on.

A post on its Facebook page said: "We have had issues along the routes but we have carried on - you won’t stop us.

"It’s so disappointing that throwing eggs, cans, abusing our volunteers, gives you satisfaction.

"Maybe it was for self amusement to spoil such a great evening but you are weak, not us and not the thousands of people in Bridlington who support what we do and what we stand for.

"Why not join us and do something good for your community just like we do - day in day out 365 days a year?"