North Ward

Brid Police Station'Meet the the team'PA1124-20'PCSO Andrea Humphrys,PCSO  Mark White,PC  Jason Scotter,PCSO Lynda Anderson, PCSO Gerald Quinn
Brid Police Station'Meet the the team'PA1124-20'PCSO Andrea Humphrys,PCSO Mark White,PC Jason Scotter,PCSO Lynda Anderson, PCSO Gerald Quinn


This week’s report comes from the North Ward, which includes;


Buckton/Bempton/Sewerby - Villages and several locations in the Bridlington area have had an increase in reports of speeding vehicles going through the areas.

Marton Road/Headlands School - Police have received an increase in reports of anti-social behaviour and nuisance incidents in the area. There have also been a number of incidents of criminal damage.


Shop thefts and anti-social behaviour - Local officers have patrolled the town centre to provide a visible deterrent to these issues.

It also gave reassurance to members of the public living in the area and users of the amenities.

Local PC Chris Prendergast and PCSO’s Smith and Feirn have been working closely with the local CCTV and establishments and gathering information on the main offenders causing the problems.

Over 50 hours patrol time has been put in by local officers in February. Police have also been conducting regular high visibility foot patrols in the town centre shops regarding the shop thefts.

January has seen a reduction in the number of reported shop thefts and a very successful detection rate to reported thefts.

Although theft reports and incidents have decreased, the police are continuing to target shop lifters in the town centre.

Hilderthorpe Road - Police have conducted over 30 hours of patrol time around the area focusing on anti-social behaviour. A number of youths have been identified and enquiries will continue into criminal damage in the area.


THE top three types of crime in the North Ward during February were

1) Criminal Damage

2) Assault

3) Drug offences

Police have been investigating a number of crimes and incidents in February and detected a total of 26 crimes.



DURING February 20 people have been arrested and brought to justice for offences in the North Ward.

They included four people charged with assault, six people charged with criminal damage and three people charged with drug offences.


A window at the Auction showrooms on Olivers Lane was smashed on March 15, and another at the Christ Church building on Quay Road.

A small hole was left in the rear windscreen of a vehicle parked on Jameson Road on March 16. No entry was gained.

If you have any information that can help police with their enquiries on any of the above crimes, please contact Bridlington Police on 101.



Your local police work to resolve issues that are affecting your quality of life where you live. The Neighbourhood team regularly discuss problems in areas of the town and set target patrol zones for these identified areas. This is purely done from receiving complaints from members of the public living in affected areas.

If you witness or experience crime or anti social behaviour where you live, let your local police know so that action can be taken. If the police don’t know about problems, they can not resolve them. Report crime and Anti social behaviour on 101


How you can help fight crime in your community - Bridwatch is the short title for the Association of Bridlington Area Community and Neighbourhood Watch Groups. Bridwatch, which is supported by Humberside Police and encourages the development and use of Neighbourhood/Community watch, has a new home on Horsforth Avenue.

Regular meetings are held where watch leaders can discuss issues in their communities, and most watches around the town hold their own meetings.

There are over 20 active watches in the Bridlington area at the moment and it is hoped that further watches can be developed and created in the future.

They vary in size and activities, but any household involved in a neighbourhood watch pays just £1 per year to be included.

A current list of local watches or how to create a new watch can be found at the shop, or by contacting Glynis on