‘Nobody cares’ on local street

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A COMMUNITY-MINDED group who tried to engage with their neighbours to collectively clean up their streets has been left “hugely disappointed” with the response.

The West Street and Surrounding Area Action Group (WSSAAG) decided to launch a scheme where group members and local residents turned out to clean up their neighbourhood with the help of the Christ Church Action Team.

They started on Thorpe Street last week, but felt let down that only one resident turned up, despite the group posting numerous flyers around the area asking people to join in the scheme.

WSSAAG committee member Bob Hillery said: “It is really disappointing. We just ended up thinking why are we bothering? We might as well have just gone and cleaned our own street.

“We have been faced with complete apathy, nobody cares.

“We posted a flyer to every house on the street telling them what we were doing and asking them to move their cars so we could clean the kerbways better, but not one car was moved and only one person other than myself, committee member Allan Eaton and the Christ Church team turned up.

“You would think if someone was going to come and clean your street up then you’d be delighted and would be out there giving them a hand, but that certainly didn’t happen here.

“Nobody seems to care. So much for the so-called Big Society!”

The group is now considering abandoning the scheme, which they had hoped to roll out across the whole of the West Street and Pembroke Terrace area in a bid to have the neighbourhood sparkling for summer.

That and other issues affecting the area will be discussed at the group’s next meeting on Tuesday, August 9, 6pm, at the Windsor Hotel in Windsor Crescent, and local councillors are expected to be in attendance.