No more waste on estate


A NEW scheme which is aiming to help residents of the Havenfield estate on low incomes and benefits ease the burden of their monthly food shopping bill has been launched.

Food AWARE is a non-profit scheme working in partnership with the Hinge Centre on Field Road, which will redistribute surplus basic and frozen food to those in need, while also helping to reduce the amount of edible food wasted each year, which nationally equates to 18 million tonnes.

The Food AWARE community food store was officially launched on February 17 by the deputy mayor Cllr Shaun Marsburg and attended by project managers Sean Gibbons and Martin Crossland, and staff and beneficiaries of the Hinge Centre.

Each Friday residents will be able to collect a box of goodies together with a selection of frozen ready meals, sausages, burgers, chips and desserts, with membership open to all residents of the estate by registering with the centre.

Deputy mayor Cllr Shaun Marsburg, said: “The Food Aware Project is a fabulous idea.

“I am very impressed with what the Hinge Centre does and think that it is an amazing asset to the Community of Bridlington.”

Martin Crossland, strategic development manager at the Hinge Centre, said: “Many people on low incomes are unable to afford healthy foods due to soaring prices and fuel costs.

“Reducing food waste is a major issue and not just about good food going to waste, wasting food costs the average family with children £680 a year and has serious environmental implications too.”

While helping those families by donating the food, the Hinge centre is also hoping to educate residents about how to avoid wasting food.

Anyone wanting further information can call 01262 679671 or drop in for a chat. Further information about Food AWARE can be found at and