No further flooding expected tonight in Bridlington

Bridlington Harbour Flooded due to storm surge.'NBFP PA1349-19h
Bridlington Harbour Flooded due to storm surge.'NBFP PA1349-19h
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Further flooding is not expected this evening at high tide following yesterday’s storm surge which washed into Bridlington Harbour.

The Bridlington Coastguard said no warnings had been issued for the Bridlington area, however they will continue to monitor the situation.

Yesterday at around 4.30pm flood waters began rising and overtopped the harbour, leaving some businesses under four foot of water.

Business owners and fishermen have spent today (Friday 6 December) clearing up after the flood waters receded and assessing the level of damage.

Electricity supply is currently out to the warehouses along Chicken Run, also affecting the Independent Shell Fisherman’s Co-operative office.

Northern Powergrid expects power to be returned to all those still without electricity by the end of today and Humberside Fire has announced the emergency situation over.

Chief Fire Officer Richard Hannigan said: “The last 24 hours have been a particularly difficult time for our communities. Emergency services and partner organisations have worked continuously to provide support, keep people safe and updated as the situation developed.

“All agencies and the public have done a tremendous job with the incident we faced, supporting each other and spreading the word that this was a serious situation. While the emergency is now over, we must not forget the people who have been affected by the flood water so close to the Christmas period. The local authorities will now assist those affected by the incident and I hope our communities can continue to work together to support those who have suffered damage to their homes or businesses.”

Coastal towns have suffered flooding along the East Coast as a result of the high winds and storm surges on Thursday, including Whitby and Scarborough.

High tide is expected in Bridlington just before 7pm tonight.

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