Next step for Brid property firm

Owners Ryan and Kathryn  of The Property Shop Quay Road
Owners Ryan and Kathryn of The Property Shop Quay Road

Ryan and Kathryn Melles, the owners of newly-opened business thepropertyshop on Quay Road, are a local couple with a real passion for their home town of Bridlington, but an even bigger passion for anything property, having managed their own rental property portfolio for around 20 years.

Having a ‘hands on’ approach, Ryan has developed his skill-set in all aspects of managing a large number of properties and tenants, from chasing rent to fixing plumbing and heating, so it was not long before other landlords started to approach him to look after their properties too. Ryan said: “Our business has grown steadily over the years as the rental market has become more and more regulated.

“There are so many new directives coming in all the time with regards to legislation and unless you know what you are doing it can be a minefield. It’s amazing the amount of properties I look at that simply don’t come anywhere near the standards they should do to be rented out.

“We also have a health and safety consultancy TheSafetyShop specialising in property and construction, so it is important I keep myself fully up to speed with all the rules and regulations, I think that’s why so many people ask me to manage their properties.”

As well as being a local fitness instructor, Kathryn is becoming more involved with thepropertyshop business and with the new shop opening she is taking on a more active role in driving and developing the business further.

She said: “We were lucky to have an already successful business before opening the shop but, with so many people approaching us to help them develop and manage their properties, it made sense for us to have premises where people can conveniently pop in, feel welcome and have a chat over a cup of tea.

“Because we live and breathe property we can give people other ideas and options on how to generate the best possible rental return from their properties.”

Ryan has worked in the town for such a long time he has vast amounts of knowledge about which properties demand the best rental income so investors come and talk to him as and when properties hit the market.

He said: “The key is to offer honest advice and support as many other local companies, trades and agents with a view to improve our town wherever we can. We would like a business built on integrity and trust that people want to work with on a long term basis.”

Ryan has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to anything property related and if there is something he can’t do he will know someone who can or make it his business to know. In addition, if people need more formal advice such as legal, accounting or financial relating to property he is also able to help.

He said: “I have built strong relationships with lots of local businesses specialising in all these areas.

“I intend to hold regular TPS property meetings as a HUB for services and landlords where we will have guest speakers covering everything from mortgage advice, accounting and tax, rental agreement legislation etc.

“We’ll invite local landlords and investors to come together and share their ideas and problems while taking advantage of specialist advice.

“I can’t think of any other local networking meetings where all landlords and investors meet in such a way, so I am hoping these prove to be popular. Please register your interest through our website, the first HUB meeting will be Thursday March 3”.

You can’t help but be impressed with Ryan and Kathryn’s enthusiasm and drive to make this business a success. But it’s more than just their business ideas, it’s their drive to make Bridlington a better place, to support other businesses in the town and eradicate the idea that Bridlington is a dying seaside town.

Ryan added: ‘There is a real feel good factor coming back into Bridlington. You only have to look at the current investment in the town, the new leisure centre, lifeboat and station, new hotels, the Marina, and the many residential developments springing up.

“People want to put down permanent roots in the town and it’s certainly not the dying seaside resort people from outside the area like to paint it as.

“We have a beautiful coastline that is priceless and with investors seeing Bridlington as a good place to invest in and the already high demand for rental properties I can only see this demand increasing.”

If you’re thinking of investing in a buy-to-let property or you already have a property you would like to rent out simply call into to thepropertyshop at 136 Quay Road and have a chat with Ryan and Kathryn or visit their website to learn more about the services they offer.