New pavement too narrow

Stamford Walk'Residents upset over the width of the pavement'PA1142-19a
Stamford Walk'Residents upset over the width of the pavement'PA1142-19a

A COUNCIL blunder over building plans for new houses has left nearby residents with a “ridiculous” footpath too narrow to even push a buggy down.

The people of Stamford Walk, on West Hill, have experienced major disruptions during the building of four new council houses opposite their street.

But things took a turn for the farcical when they realised that a new pavement laid as part of the development was so narrow it would barely accomodate two people walking abreast.

Investigations by residents and local councillors discovered that contractors were given the wrong measurements in the building plans and that the new pavement will have to be pulled up and re-laid to be 30cm wider.

It will be a complicated job as there are underground pipes to be wary of and for the close-knit Stamford Walk community, it is just another upset in a long line of issues with the development.

Resident Kim Clayton said: “We don’t like to moan down here, we just get on with things, but this pavement is just ridiculous.

“There’s no way that you could get a wheelchair, mobility scooter or a large pram down it.

“Not only is that dangerous if people try and end up falling off the kerb, but the council are going to put parking bays in which will mean that the front of our cars will hang over the pavement and make it even narrower.

“This is going to mean that people will be knocking into our cars, or walking on our front lawns instead.”

The pavement debacle has prompted Kim and her neighbours to speak out as they feel they have been ignored by the council about previous issues.

Kim said: “It just seems to be one thing after another with this development.

“Since before Christmas we all had to go down to the post office to pick up our own mail because they had blocked off our front doors with fencing.

“In the bad weather it was a nightmare and we weren’t allowed to pick up anybody else’s mail but our own, so we all had to keep making individual trips to the post office each day.

“It was a real inconvenience, especially over Christmas and with all the ice around.”

Her neighbour Stan Fulcher, who has lived in the end house with his wife Doreen since 1970, said that the whole thing had been “a mess”.

He said: “The workmen are great, they are just doing what they’ve been told to do and we don’t have any argument with them at all, but the administration of it all has been crazy.

“Nobody tells us anything and we feel that the council can get away with murder.”

The residents’ usual parking places have also been cordoned off and an area designated for parking on a nearby grassed area, which was lined with plastic matting, was withdrawn by the contractors – much to their fury.

Kim said: “The grass verge is a churned-up mess, but it wasn’t us who did it.

“The workmen would drive over it, taxi drivers would drive over it, yet we’ve got the blame and we’re the ones who have to suffer now that the plastic mats have been taken away because of the state the verge was getting in.

“We all feel that nobody is taking us into consideration.

“All this has been happening to us for months now and not one person from the coucil has come to see us off their own back to apologise and explain when it will all be over.”

A spokesman for East Riding of Yorkshire Council said: “The original plans for the path at Abbey Road, Bridlington, was for it to be 900mm. Through the planning process this was amended to 1200mm.

“It seems that during the construction the original plans have been used. The council will now work with the contractors to rectify the situation and extend the path to 1200mm, which will be done in time for the completion of the houses at the end of March.”