New group to help men with prostate cancer

Liam Dealtry starts up is own Foot Business'NBFP PA1331-11c
Liam Dealtry starts up is own Foot Business'NBFP PA1331-11c

A support group for men suffering with prostate cancer and their families has been set up in Bridlington.

Liam Dealtry, along with two urology Macmillan nurses Carole Popplestone and Carolyn Spence, will hold free monthly meetings at the Spiritualist Church in Victoria Road.

Liam, who is a foot care specialist and town councillor, said: “There isn’t a prostate cancer support group anywhere in Bridlington or Scarborough. A lot of gentlemen don’t like going to hospital itself.

“Our group is for people with prostate cancer to come and see us to just have support, to talk about what is going on, and they can bring their partners.

“There are so many gentlemen out there with prostate cancer and men unfortunately have this idea that they do not need help they are too proud and they suffer in silence.”

The sessions will be an informal opportunity for people to come along, meet other cancer suffers and have questions answered by the nurses.

“Do not suffer in silence, do not suffer alone come down to Victoria Road and talk to us,” said Liam.

It is estimated around one in eight men will be affected by prostate cancer during their life, and currently around a quarter of a million men in the UK are living with the disease.

The first meeting will be on Wednesday 6 November from 7pm to 9pm, and all are welcome to attend. For more information contact Carole Popplestone on 01723 385246 or 01723 385209.