New dog laws for Bridlington seafront?

Bridlington's north promenade.
Bridlington's north promenade.

Laws requiring owners to keep dogs on a leash look set to be extended, and may cover all of Bridlington if the Town Council gets its way.

The annual ban on dogs on Bridlington’s beaches from May 1 to September 30 is now in force, but a consultation has started to determine if more areas should be incorporated.

East Riding Councils’s Environmental Control Manager David Howliston said: “There have been proposals that, alongside the dog ban on North and South beaches, all dogs on the adjacent promenades should also be on a lead.

“The area and months covered would correspond to the beach ban itself. This would improve the promenade and make sure dogs are kept under control. It also makes it easier to enforce the law on dog fouling, because if you’re literally attached to the dog by a lead it’s very difficult to deny any knowledge of the dog’s behaviour or deny responsibility.

“We’re currently running a consultation to gather opinions and see if the public supports the plans, and to ask for any comments and suggestions that they might have.”

One comment that has already come from Bridlington Town Council is that it would like the ”dogs on leads order to apply throughout the Bridlington area”.

This would be a major extension to current controls, under which dogs are banned from school grounds and children’s play areas, and must be on leads in cemeteries.