New Carnaby memorial is right on track

NBFP PA1431-20c
NBFP PA1431-20c

A recently officialised charity is calling on Bridlington to support their campaign to commemorate the importance of the airfield.

The Carnaby Airfield Memorial committee is hoping to raise enough funds to erect a befitting sculpture of an aircraft, to honour those who served their during the Second World War.

Sue Dawson said the organisation has now reached the £10,000 mark, allowing it to be recognised as an official charity.

“We are hoping that the next step is securing land for where the memorial is going to be,” she added, “then we will be sourcing a designer.”

The charity is hoping to receive lottery funding in the near future to assist their “monumental” task.

“We’ll have being doing this for two years in February,” Su added, “We are also launching a book. We are very proud to announce that our secretary, Gayna Wallis, has had a book published that she has written outlining the history of Carnaby Airfield. It is called ‘Station XI - The story of RAF Carnaby’ and is on sale at Ferns Farm at a cost of £8, alternatively you can email us at, and post and packaging will be charged at £2.95.”

The memorial will pay homage to the pivotal role Carnaby airfield played during the war and the charity’s aim is to erect a sculpture of an aircraft, an information centre and create a new website.

Damaged planes, unable to complete the journey back to their home airfields, would land at the emergency airstrip, which saw more than 1,500 bombers make emergency landings during the war.

Carnaby Airfield Memorial committee is also holding a number of events to raise money for the project, including a ladies’ night which took place on Friday (November 20) at Ferns Farm Hotel in Carnaby. A golf tournament will also take place next year on July 1 and will see teams compete for prizes.

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