New boat in Bridlington after six month refurbishment

Andrew Cruddas with his boat the Stormy C.
Andrew Cruddas with his boat the Stormy C.

A 52-year-old Danish boat has become the latest addition to Bridlington’s shell-fishing fleet after being given a six-month refurbishment.

Bridlington fisherman Andrew Cruddas spotted the Danish seine netter while on a trip to Denmark.

He has since spent around £120,000 and countless hours restoring the boat to join his now three-strong fleet.

Andrew’s labour of love had its reward last week when the vessel, which he has named Stormy C, was hoisted into Bridlington Harbour.

He said: “I have bought two other boats from Denmark, so when I spotted this one when I was in Denmark, I thought about just buying it for its engine. I sailed her back across the North Sea and when I got back to Bridlington, I decided to start working on her.

“There wasn’t much left of her, apart from the engine and fuel tanks. Everything had to come out and be renewed, so it’s been a huge task to get her back into good shape.”

Andrew, 41, hopes to have the Stormy C operating as part of his fleet by the end of the year but she will continue to undergo trials and survey work until she is ready to join his other two boats, which are used for shell-fishing and guard work.

“It is stressful once you start working on them. I have had two days at sea since I started work but it is a good feeling once you get to the point where it is nearly done,” continued Andrew.

“It is just my type of boat. It has good fuel economy and is perfect for what we use them for. I’ve done two of them before so I feel like I know them inside out.”

Andrew has been fishing since he was 14 or 15: “I started by going out whenever I could, going out of school for it. I used to get sick at first but that soon passed and I can’t imagine doing anything else now. Seeing the sunrise from the sea – nothing beats it.”

Stormy C – which is the name of Andrew’s business and of a boat he built in the past – was named at a champagne ceremony by his mother, Vivien, at the harbour last week.

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