New app pays £10 for reporting of illegally parked cars

A private car parking firm is offering people £10 for uploading pictures of illegally parked cars on private land.

Friday, 3rd February 2017, 1:45 pm
Updated Friday, 3rd February 2017, 1:56 pm
The new app lets users claim 10 for every penalty ticket issued against a driver they have reported.

UK Car Park Management's new smartphone app means users can snitch on drivers who are flouting parking rules.

The company, which manages parking at the likes of McDonald's and Tesco, will then issue a fixed penalty notice of £60 after retrieving details from the DVLA.

Users simply have to download the app, take pictures of the offending vehicle and its number plate, then upload them.

The app is designed to be used by small businesses, who ordinarily wouldn't have resources to patrol their own car parks.

After users download the i-Ticket app and create an account, CPM will send them signs to put up around their parking space.

The photographer will receive £10 for every paid ticket.

But the RAC has reservations about the new i-Ticket app.

"The sharp practices of parking companies are already regularly called into question with paid officials dishing out fines, but with members of the public being financially encouraged to shop motorists who overstay, it’s a recipe for disaster," the RAC's Simon Williams told The Mirror.

UK Car Park Management say the reporting process is completely confidential.