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THE saying that the truth is out there could be about to take on a new meaning in the area after a string of mysterious sightings in the sky.

Suspicious bright lights dotting the night sky above Bridlington and Flamborough throughout May drew curious members of the public to contact the Free Press in an attempt to get to the bottom of the strange events.

Alan Norrie, of Field Road, Bridlington, was one who witnessed the most recent example – on Monday, May 25 – of a large glowing light shining brightly before quickly disappearing.

He said: "I went into the kitchen and looked out of the window into the back garden and noticed there were a lot of stars in the sky.

"Then I saw a really bright light flashing and all of a sudden it moved.

"It looked like a really bright halogen light shining down. I shouted my wife to come and look at it, but she said it would just be the police helicopter. But it wasn't.

"There was no noise and it can't have been a plane either because they have flashing lights, but there were none whatsoever."

Mr Norrie contacted Paul Sinclair, of Blackburn Avenue, who has a website dedicated to such sightings.

He said there had been a number of recent sightings in the area.

The mysterious light was also witnessed by Maggie Masters and her daughter, Cindy, 16, who said they saw the light from their home in

St John's Avenue.

Mrs Masters said her daughter saw two strange objects in the sky, but only took notice after spotting the second one.

"We went outside to see and it was white and a gold colour inside.

"It looked like a police helicopter's search light, but it couldn't have been because it was so quiet, there was no noise

"Then all of a sudden it moved to the right and disappeared behind the houses.

"I used to scoff at things like this, but it was really strange."

More intriguing activity in the skies was captured by Nicole Sinclair, who photographed a red object above her home in Mount Crescent.

Nicole, 14, who witnessed the strange light, said she is convinced the light is a UFO and added she had sent the picture to Calendar News.

She said: "I saw lights that were red in colour and they were going really quickly across the sky.

"I looked out of our back garden and there were quite a lot and I think it was a UFO."

Further suspicions have been raised after a burning object with trailing jets of fire was apparently witnessed moving towards Scarborough from Flamborough Head earlier in May.

The Baines family, from Flamborough, watched it unfold through a telescope.

They told the Free Press: "A meteor would have moved much more quickly and a plane burning up would have plummeted to the earth presumably.

"It wasn't a sky lantern or anything light in weight because it was not moving erratically or slowly.

"The only thing we could think of was that it might be a piece of satellite burning up."

And a bright red object, described as being three times bigger than a star, and hovering below the clouds, was also spotted at the beginning of May out at sea towards Flamborough Head by a dog walker.

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