Mystery of Brid's missing signal

4G services that are going live in Bridlington could be responsible
4G services that are going live in Bridlington could be responsible

Residents suffering signal strife with their Freeview reception in Bridlington are being offered a free solution.

Many have taken to Facebook and Twitter to question why their TVs suddenly went blocky, froze or said "no signal" in recent days.

Now an organisation funded by EE, Vodaphone Three and O2 says the disruption could be caused by the switching on of 4G services in Bridlington, and are offering affected residents a solution.

But it may not be as straight forward as simply re-tuning your TV.

The disruption could be down to new 4G services that are launching, bringing mobile broadband to Bridlington and improving coverage in the area.

A spokesman for at800, an independent organisation created by the Government, explained: "There is a small chance 4G mobile signals will cause interference to TV received via an aerial, most commonly known as Freeview.

"This is because some 4G signals sit next to the frequencies used by Freeview. TVs and set-top boxes that receive Freeview can fail to block the 4G signals causing TVs to lose sound, channels and pictures to go blocky, freeze or say ‘No Signal’."

The good news is that at800 offers free support so that Bridlington residents experiencing TV interference can keep enjoying their favourite programmes.

The spokesman said: "at800 can arrange for an engineer to visit and fix the problem, free of charge. Alternatively, it can send a free filter - which blocks mobile signals - that viewers can easily fit to the back of a TV."

Cable and satellite TV, like Sky or Virgin, won’t be affected. However, if viewers have cable and satellite TV and also watch Freeview, at800 can provide free filters and advice, but not in-home engineer support.

With more 4G masts due to go live, any viewers who experience new interference to Freeview should contact at800 for free on: 0808 13 13 800 or click here.