‘Mystery noise is forcing me to sell the home I love’

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She has lived in her bungalow for more than 30 years, but the last six months have become a living hell for Jan Hatto.

A humming noise which started in November is driving her mad - and she has been forced to put her home up for sale to escape .

She has had plumbers, roofers, electricians, council officers, friends, family and neighbours round to try to solve the mystery.

But no-one has been able to work out where the noise is coming from.

And with her health being affected because of the lack of sleep, Jan has made the heartbreaking decision to put her house in Kirham Road on the market.

She said: “It’s driving me mad. It started on November 15, suddenly.

“It sounds a bit like a fridge freezer. I thought it might be from my neighbour’s but when they got back from holiday we found it wasn’t that.

“I am having to sleep with a dehumidifier on to try to drown out the noise.

“And I can feel the vibrations when my head hits the pillow and it is making me sick.

“I have got industrial ear plugs, I’ve done everything I can think of.

“I think I had one hour’s sleep last night.”

Jan works in a care home and has even been into work during her week off last week to give her ears a rest from the noise.

A new phone mast was installed around the time the noise began, and the street lights were changed outside her home too.

But Jan is not sure if either of them are the cause, or why her home seems to be affected more than her neighbours’.

During the daytime, Jan has had to double the volume on her television to try to cover the noise.

The only time she has found any form of respite is on Sundays, when she says the humming seems less annoying.

“I really can’t stand it. I have been in the house 33 years and never had a problem before.

“I’ve just had a new bathroom and got everything really nice in the house, but I am getting no sleep and becoming ratty and very tearful.

“I can’t even have a nice, peaceful bath any more.

“I just want this to be switched off for a while so we can eliminate them.

“I don’t know what else to do. It’s not a nice feeling.

“My mum is 84 and she can hear it.

“But environmental health officers came round and couldn’t hear anything.

“But other people have heard it outside, some have heard it down the phone when I am speaking to them.”

A spokesman for East Riding of Yorkshire Council said: “We can confirm that complaints have been received about a noise at the house in question.

“Different officers have visited the house on several occasions and have been unable to hear the noise the resident has complained of.”