Music event of note for primary pupils

Pupils at the Primary School Music Workshop project.
Pupils at the Primary School Music Workshop project.
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The recent Primary School Music Workshops project at Headlands offered younger students a chance to engage in numerous musical activities that are not always possible in every school.

The idea was to offer KS2 students the opportunity to engage with instruments such as guitars, drum kit, keyboard and ukulele.

Getting to play the drums at Headlands.

Getting to play the drums at Headlands.

These skills need a great deal of commitment, coordination teamwork and resilience to make them efficient. Learning songs which the students know was an important factor of making the event enjoyable. Some of the performances given by students as young as 9 years old were fantastic and their dedication and hard work was evident in the final outcomes. They should be very proud of themselves.

Music teacher Mr Buckby said: “Having the opportunity to welcome younger students into the department is a joy. It is crucial that music is accessible and relevant to all from a young age, to engage and develop both the love of a subject and skills which can last a lifetime. The students were so polite, hardworking, resilient and enthusiastic that it was an absolute pleasure to teach them.

“To have a student come to you at the end of a lesson and say ‘today was so much fun’ and ‘I can’t believe I can do this now’ is something which never gets old.

“To watch a child who is perhaps quite shy, nervous or lacking in confidence bloom as they perform in front of their peers to a round of applause is nothing short of spectacular. This is what makes music such a great subject and discipline.”

Miss Wilcock, music lead at Martongate, said: “The Music Workshops have provided a fantastic opportunity for children to develop their musical skills and explore a range of different instruments.

“As music subject leader at Martongate Primary School I would like to continue to work with Headlands to ensure children have a wide range of opportunities to become involved in music and to experience and enjoy all the possibilities that music can offer.”