Music concert in memory of Bridlington man

Conor Taylor, who died aged 22.
Conor Taylor, who died aged 22.

The family of a young Bridlington man who passed away suddenly earlier this month have thanked those who organised a charity music concert to help pay the funeral costs.

Conor Taylor collapsed on Gypsey Road on 10 May and was rushed to Scaborough Hospital where he sadly died.

A preliminary test into Conor’s death proved inconclusive and it will be around two weeks before further tests may shed light on to how he died.

His funeral was held at Bridlington Priory Church yesterday afternoon.

A special concert was organised by friends of the family on Saturday at The Basement in Bridlington to help raise money to support Conor’s family.

An amazing £235 was raised on the night while a further £356 has been collected on a fundraising page organised by friends of Conor’s brother Nico.

The money, close to £600 in total will go towards Conor’s headstone and funeral costs.

Nico, 25, said: “I was at the gig at the Basement and it was a really good turnout, a lot of people wanted to support the family.

“The money raised was a lot more then I expected, to be honest I thought it would make £100 at the most.

“I would like to thank everyone involved for supporting the family in such a dark hour.

“I would say music was a big part of Conor’s life, he liked everything from Slipknot and Lady Ga Ga to Celine Dion.

“The family are coping as well as we can given the circumstances. This fundraising shows how many people cares about Conor and the family.”

The gig at the Basement in Queen’s Square saw Scarborough band Avalon, acoustic singer Adam Chodan and Bridlington band Alice in Thunderland, take to the stage.

Michela Goodale-Truelove from Alice in Thunderland, said; “It went really well, it was one of those perfect gigs to play where everyone just comes together. It was quite emotional, Nico came down and so did his dad, the family are really close and they love music.

“At 22 years old it is such a shock for this to have happened and we’re just happy to have helped raise some money for the family, funerals are expensive and you just don’t plan for your own children’s funerals.

“Nico used to come down to gigs from the age of 18 and then his brother and his dad started coming too. Conor was really kind and polite, we really liked him.”