Murder woman cleared

AFTER a long running trial at the Old Bailey in London, a woman who originally comes from Bridlington has been cleared of murder.

Corrina Lowe, 28, went on trial alongside two other people charged with the murder of Anthony Bates. All three denied murder.

Miss Lowe, of no fixed address, was acquitted by the jury. Her co-accused, Gary Speight, 31, and Dean Swift, 44, were found guilty and jailed for life.

Anthony Bates, 36, was found dead at a flat where Speight was squatting in Vauxhall, London, on Tuesday, February 1 last year. He had been beaten, burnt with a red-hot poker and boiling sugar, and cut with a knife.

The court heard Mr Bates had become involved with the ex-partner of Speight while he was in prison, Speight bore a grudge against the victim as a result. Speight, of Central London, will serve a minimum of 30 years while Swift, of no fixed address, will serve at least 28 years in prison.

Judge Charles Byers told the pair: “Anyone who listened to the evidence in this case could come to no other conclusion than that this was a brutal and callous murder.”