Muntons fire - no casualties but machinery destroyed

Muntons at Sewerby
Muntons at Sewerby

Muntons has praised the quick response of the fire brigade after the blaze which broke out at the weekend.

Humberside Fire and Rescue Service said the blaze on Saturday evening was in a 70m high building and had spread to four silos, charring timber joists and covers which were removed by crews.

The silos pictured when they opened in 2009.

The silos pictured when they opened in 2009.

Eight firefighters wore breathing apparatus to tackle the fire which saw the building at Jewison Lane damaged and machinery destroyed.

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Muntons said fire crews 'arrived quickly at the scene' and 'thankfully there were no casualties'.

A statement from the company said: "The fire is not affecting operations at Muntons other site in Stowmarket.

"Muntons have a robust Business Continuity system in place that has been tested annually and proven very effective. We expect the business to continue to run effectively whilst this aspect of our operations is being resolved.

"The fire was in the processing area for malt pellets and dispatch and is in that area only.

"Our production is continuing. Muntons has two malting plants at Bridlington and neither was directly impacted by the fire, but there will be some temporary disruption to our normal operations whilst we re-establish the building and processing capabilities damaged in the fire.

"Further information will be released over the next few days as we know more."