Mum’s fight against disease

Tammy Leppington-Smith
Tammy Leppington-Smith

A Flamborough woman is taking a stance against a disease in the hope her new lifestyle will prevent the illness from becoming permanent.

Tammy Leppington-Smith said she is ecstatic that she is able to play with her three children, after being diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

“To be able to run around an play with my children and keep up with the twins is a gift which keeps on giving.”

The mother-of-three was diagnosed with gestational diabetes while she was pregnant with twins and, with the looming risk of a permanent diagnosis in later life, decided to lose weight when it was still a choice.

However being a breastfeeding mother of twins, finding the right way to lose weight healthily was top of her priorities

Tammy decided to approach her local Slimming World group in the hope she could find the support she desperately needed.

Tammy and her husband John learnt how to manage some of the reasons they had gained weight in the first place through listening to other members of her group, such as managing stress and not letting a splurge ruin the entire week.

Through the support group’s advice and caring, Tammy managed to significantly reduce her risk of developing diabetes permanently, by going on to lose more than two-and-a-half stone.

John also managed to shift four stone and the couple attribute their success to the Slimming World’s support.

A spokesman for the organisation added: “The ability to continue to feed her twins and eat healthily was very appealing to Tammy and she readily dove in to cooking her favourite meals the slimming world way.

“Enjoying cooking lasagne from scratch or steak and chips, she always thought because as a family they sat down and ate proper meals that she was eating healthily, not realising that simple changes to the way she cooks, can make such a difference.”

To find out more about the Slimming World group contact Tammy on 07772 192567.