Mum’s anger over bus abuse for having pushchair

Emma Jordan is upset over abuse she gets when taking her son on the bus with his pushchair.
Emma Jordan is upset over abuse she gets when taking her son on the bus with his pushchair.

A MUM has spoken of the abuse she says she has received while taking the bus in Bridlington – simply for having a pushchair.

Emma Jordan, who regularly catches the 512 or 513 bus at the top of Bempton Lane travelling into Bridlington town centre, says she has been the victim of sustained verbal abuse from fellow passengers when she takes her one-year-old son Clark on to the bus, with his pushchair.

Emma, 24, said: “I’ve received so much abuse from other passengers, one gentleman was actually screaming at me last week which upset me. On other occasions, I have had people barge past me while boarding to make sure they get on before me.

“Of course if a wheelchair user ever got on the bus I would either fold the buggy down or get off the bus completely, and I am one of the first people to offer my seat up if someone needs it.

“It’s no way to treat people, I can’t understand why I’m being targeted.”

Emma says that drivers on the buses, operated by East Yorkshire Motor Services, have never told her to fold up her buggy and one kind driver, who she knew as Anne, came to her defence when an elderly gentleman was shouting at her. Emma said that most of the other passengers using the service are elderly, and it is that age group that she says is responsible for most of the abuse.

“I would never be abusive to people in that way, and I am careful to try not to block the aisle. Sometimes other passengers get on with shopping trolleys but I’ve never heard anyone complain about that.

“The bus drivers have never complained or asked me to move, and they have on occasion stuck up for me when people were being abusive – which does happen fairly often.

“Unfortunately until Clark is old enough to walk around without his pushchair I will have to keep taking it on the bus.”

Bob Rackley, commercial services manager at East Yorkshire Motor Services, confirmed that the company were happy to carry pushchairs and buggies on their buses - as long as no passengers who used wheelchairs were inconvenienced.

“We are always happy to accommodate parents and children on our buses, and that includes children in buggies. Obviously if a wheelchair user needed to board the bus and use the space taken up by a buggy, then the driver would ask the parent to fold it away which I’m sure anyone would be happy to do,” said Mr Rackley.

“I am pleased to hear that our drivers have been praised, they use their own discretion and hopefully common sense prevails. I am aware that in certain areas, there are a lot of elderly passengers who may find it difficult to move seats to further back on the bus which can sometimes lead to these kind of problems.”