Mum held knife to man’s throat

Donna Traves of Bridlington arrives at Hull Crown Court accused of possesion of offensive weapons in a Bridlington Street.
Donna Traves of Bridlington arrives at Hull Crown Court accused of possesion of offensive weapons in a Bridlington Street.

A mother-of-five went berserk and put a knife to a man’s throat after arriving at a house with blades which fell to the floor.

Donna Traves, 42, was armed with five knives after she 
began making threats at a party in a house on South back Lane.

Traves, who has 35 previous convictions, put a knife to a guest’s throat before being disarmed. She left the party but returned with a thin metal pole before having to be disarmed a second time.

Traves, of Trinity Road, Bridlington, appeared for sentence at Hull Crown Court (Thursday December 3) 
after pleading guilty to a single charge of affray by threatening unlawful violence to two named people.

Crown barrister Crown Dale Brook said Traves appeared drunk and was abusive in the house party around 2pm on July 15. He said she appeared in a room with a black coat opening it only for knives to fall out of it on to the floor. He said there was a scramble to retrieve them but not before Traves grabbed one and put it to a man’s throat.

He said a woman removed the knife from her hand as she held it to his throat, but could tell from her eyes she did not want to hurt her.

The police arrived to find a black jacket with a kitchen knife in it. Mr Brook said the incident had a mental effect on the victim. He had been assaulted with a knife 10 years before and he now feels uncomfortable leaving the house.

Traves showed no remorse, denying she was responsible for putting the knife to the man’s throat as she was sentenced.

Crown barrister Claire Holmes admitted her account provided little mitigation and actually aggravated what she had done.

She said she had a history of mental health problems made worse by having her five children taken into care. She urged the judge not to jail her as she looked after her mother.

Sentencing, Recorder Kate Buckingham told Traves: “You should be under no illusion that this case merits custody. It seems you have a fundamental problem with alcohol abuse. Before I came in to court I felt this merited a custodial sentence. It is with some trepidation I am thinking of an alternative course of action.”

She gave Traves a 16-month prison sentence suspended for two years, a 30-day rehabilitation order and six-month curfew from 10pm and 6am.

Traves was warned: “Should you come back in front of me, you will go straight to custody for 16 months.”