Mum appeals for help to make sick daughter’s wishes come true

Charl Black, 20, with her mum Caroline.
Charl Black, 20, with her mum Caroline.

THE mother of a young woman who suffers from a rare strain of Multiple Sclerosis is hoping to make her daughter’s wishes come true before her 21st birthday.

Brave Charlotte Black, 20, of Meadow Road, – who is known as Charl – was first diagnosed with MS as a 17-year-old, but she now needs 24-hour care and rarely leaves her house.

Now her mum Caroline Rose, 40, has began fund-raising to help Charl realise a few long held ambitions – and has helped her draw up a wish list of things to do before she turns 21 in January next year.

Caroline said: “Charl was completely healthy until she was diagnosed with MS, but since then she hasn’t been able to do a lot of the things that most teenagers take for granted. She has not had her teenage years.

“We have had so many people offer to help us with fund-raising already, we just want to do something really special for her and give her something to remember.”

Charl is a huge Hull City fan, so much so that she has a Tigers tattoo on her thigh, and says she would love the chance to go along to another game at the KC Stadium – and to meet her idols.

She also hopes to be a model for the day and go for a professional make-over and photoshoot.

Former Headlands School pupil Charlotte said: “I’m a massive Tigers fan, I was a mascot at the KC Stadium in 2003 when we played Bristol Rovers, and I would love to go back there again and see a game and meet the players.

“My favourites were always Ian Ashbee and Nick Barmby.

“I’d love to get out of the flat and go for a girly makeover as well, it would be lovely to maybe go somewhere like London and get pampered.

“If I could, I’d even like to have a go at a skydive!”

Charl was just three months from her 18th birthday when she was first diagnosed with MS, and soon needed to use a wheelchair.

“It is a very rare and aggressive type of MS that Charl has, which is why it has developed so quickly,” said Caroline, who has given up working as a body piercing specialist to help look after Charl.

“It is not the same as other forms of MS which develop more slowly, but I think Charl copes so well with it – she never complains about anything to me.

“We really want her to have something to focus on and look forward to, instead of staring at her four walls.”

Caroline is now hoping that people in Bridlington can help her to raise funds, or help Charl achieve any of the things on her wishlist.

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