Multi-storey car parking plans dead? - COMMENT ON THIS STORY

Beck Hill Carpark
Beck Hill Carpark

PLANS for a multi-storey car park in the centre of Bridlington look set to be refused – because it clashes with the council’s Area Action Plan.

The Lords Feoffees gained widespread public support from residents and Bridlington Town Council when they submitted plans for a 206 space multi-storey car park in Beck Hill in summer 2010.

The development would replace the existing Lords Feoffees’ car park on the site, and create 166 more spaces for Bridlington residents and local shoppers.

In a statement to the Free Press, the Lords Feoffees said: “The council seem blinded by the Area Action Plan and are passing up on what we feel is a good proposition for improving the town centre, now, not in 10 years time.”

Plans were submitted to East Riding of Yorkshire Council in summer 2010, but a decision was deferred in December 2010 by its eastern area planning sub-committee for further negotiations.

These negotiations, totalling seven meetings between

the Lords Feoffees and their agents, Bridlington Renaissance and council planning officers since last December, have not reached a satisfactory conclusion which has led to the Lords Feoffees requesting their original plans to be submitted to the committee.

The Lords Feoffees were encouraged by a draft plan from the council in August, which was felt to be on a footprint which could be worked with, while also fitting in with the Area Action Plan (AAP).

However a follow-up plan submitted by the council was significantly altered and used leased land not available.

The Lords Feoffees statement continues: “The Lords feel that the latest proposal by the council shows a number of flaws that cannot be overcome.

“The Lords do not want a multi-storey car park with small spaces and a narrow layout that would not be ‘user friendly’ and this would be the case if we complied with the restrictions of the proposed design from the council.”

Council officers suggested changes to the original plans which would reduce the car park’s footprint, increase the height and change the internal layout, a plan which would considerably increase construction costs.

In their recomendation of refusal to the eastern area planning sub-committee, planning officers state that as the town centre AAP is “at a relatively advanced stage, it can be accorded some weight in the determination of the application”.

Officers go on to say the multi-storey car park would “seriously compromise the implementation of the Burlington Parade proposals” in the Area Action Plan, and that the council “will not allow developments that pose an unacceptable risk to achieving the objectives of the Regeneration Strategy”.

The final decision on the planning permission for the car park will be made by members of the eastern area planning sub-committee at County Hall in Beverley, on Monday, at 2pm.

Bridlington Mayor Coun Cyril Marsburg is a keen supporter of the Lords’ Feoffees’ multi-storey plan.

He said: “I am bitterly dissappointed that the officers of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council are reccommending refusal for the creation of the first multi-storey car-park on Beck Hill.

“I backed the plan when it was first mooted by the Lords Feoffees.

“They are prepared to spend a considerable amount of money for the benefit of the people of Bridlington.

“Should it go ahead, it would go towards revitalising the town centre and increasing foot fall, bringing extra business to all of the town centre shops who are struggling to survive.

“I realise it may interfere with the East Riding’s Area Action Plan, but surely they could incorporate it in their scheme.”