MP weighs in on turbines

Greg Knight and supporter David Hockney
Greg Knight and supporter David Hockney

BRIDLINGTON MP Greg Knight has condemned the race to install more onshore wind farms across East Yorkshire.

Labelling turbines “costly, largely useless and a scar on our beautiful countryside”, Mr Knight has added his voice to the growing dissent against the planned installation of industrial scale wind turbines around Bridlington and its surrounding countryside.

“When wind farms are erected our countryside views are destroyed,” said Mr Knight.

“The only ‘winner’ is the person who leases the land and pockets the cash. For everyone else there is a cost.

“Some local residents have their property blighted and we all have our views ruined.”

Mr Knight quotes a study funded by the Renewable Energy Foundation which has criticised onshore wind farms as costly and inefficient.

The foundation point out that at times of high wind, operators are forced to turn turbines off to prevent damage to the electricity grid, yet during winter, when demand for energy is highest, wind farms are unable to produce the large amounts of power needed.

This, the foundation says, “means that conventional fossil fuel plants would need to be switched on and off as many as 23 times a month”, drastically reducing any potential emissions savings.

Mr Knight continued: “Energy companies should be required to give priority to exploring offshore wind farms and we should also be exploring the greater use of wave power.”