MP backs ASBO plan

BRIDLINGTON’S MP Greg Knight has welcomed Government proposals to scrap Anti-social Behaviour Orders (Asbos) and replace them with a tough new range of measures to combat anti-social behaviour.

The new proposals will replace 18 separate powers, which are cumbersome and bureaucratic, with five new tools to tackle anti social behaviour.

These include a Community Trigger, where police will be compelled to take action if five people complain about anti-social behaviour, Criminal Behaviour Orders which will ban individuals from certain activities or places to tackle low-level nuisance and Crime Prevention Injunctions, designed to stop bad behaviour before it escalates.

Mr Knight said: “A growing number of people ignore Asbos and a persistent minority are not being deterred from committing anti-social behaviour.

“Asbos are even seen as a badge of honour among some hardline yobs. Official figures show that more than half of Asbos were breached from 2000 to 2008.”

Stiff penalties will be introduced for breaching the new orders, including a maximum five-year prison term.

Persistent troublemakers could face having personal items, such as music systems or mobile phones, confiscated.

Mr Knight said: “These new powers are great news for the law abiding majority who have been the silent victims of low level nuisance and anti social behaviour for far too long. I particularly welcome proposals to compel police to take action against trouble makers when neighbours come together to report an incident.”