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Bridlington Sea Front.'Fun Fair Attractions'PA1130-17c
Bridlington Sea Front.'Fun Fair Attractions'PA1130-17c

RIDES at the funfair on Bridlington’s seafront should be moved – possibly to Wilsthorpe – according to Bridlington Town Council.

However, owners and workers at the fair have told councillors to “get in the real world” with their views towards attractions they say are vital to the town’s tourist economy.

At last month’s meeting of Bridlington Town Council, members discussed ongoing plans to ask East Riding of Yorkshire Council to move the fair – a position they have held since 2008 when responding to its draft Area Action Plan for the regeneration of the town.

The Town Council gave this statement as a response to the full Bridlington Area Action Plan released in January this year: “The council is disappointed that the AAP has not taken this opportunity to remove the funfair from what was an outstanding – continued on Page 3

feature of the town.

“It is accepted that fairs feature in most seaside resorts, but they do not require a prime location.

“Most residents avoid the area like the plague in the summer, and in the winter months are presented with what is almost a scrap yard.

“It must be assumed that the revenue from the fair to East Riding of Yorkshire Council overrides the regeneration of Bridlington. The fair is also impeding public rights of way.

“The fun fair should be completely removed from the sea front and be relocated elsewhere, possibly to Wilsthorpe, and the site restored to its former glory.”

But Michael Harrison, of Harrison Leisure, which owns rides and amusements on the sea front, said the seafront rides were vital to the town.

He said: “I think the council need to get in the real world. Why would they want to move it when it is popular? It is what brings people into the town.

“When I came here 25 years ago it was dead, and in a poor state of repair.

“Since all of the seafront complex came along, it has put the place back on its feet.

“It is a successful seaside resort, families come here and bring their children because they enjoy it.

“You only need to come down in the school holidays, or on a summer weekend, to see how busy this place is and how it attracts business into the town.

“The area around the fair employs a lot of local people, and pays large amounts of money in rents to East Riding Council which then finds its way around the rest of the town.”

And Mr Harrison doesn’t believe a move to Wilsthorpe would be an option.

“I would think that it is a bit out of the way. If you walk up to Wilsthorpe, who else is up there?”

At last month’s meeting, councillors revealed that the area of the seafront where rides are situated, The Royal Princes Parade, is subject to a restrictive covenant in the name of Her Majesty the Queen dating back to 1864 – which is meant to prevent building on the site.

The council has written to the Crown Estate – the body responsible for enforcing covenants – but have been told that it would be “innappropriate to frustrate these decisions through enforcement of a covenant that was imposed in 1864”.

Debate has been raging on the Free Press Facebook page, with residents arguing that moving the fair would hit Bridlinton’s tourism trade, while others believe the rides are an eyesore and too expensive to use.

What do you think?

Is the fair even a problem? Should the fair be moved out of town, and if so where should it go? Do you enjoy using it?

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