Moths attract the visitors

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Moths large and small are out in force at Sewerby Hall and Gardens this summer.

The venue now hosts a Moth for Amy – part of the Amy Johnson Festival.

To be found on a tree in the grounds near the car park, the sculpture of the Moth commemorates Amy’s record-breaking flight to Australia, in a Gipsy Moth aeroplane.

There is also a special Amy Johnson moth trail round the house for the duration of the festival, aimed at children and families who have to match up de Havilland aircraft to their moth namesake.

A Moth Night was held recently, when expert entomologist Dr David Chesmore gave an illustrated talk about moths and then led visitors through the woods to the walled gardens where he identified the moths that had been caught the night before.

The moths included the Brimstone Moth, Heart and Dart, Plain Golden Y, Common Pug, Silver-ground Carpet, Shears, Ingrailed Clay, Clouded-bordered Brindle, Nutmeg, Buff Ermine, White Ermine, Marbled Minor as well as a Cockchafer beetle.

Under supervision the public were able to handle the moths, as well as the beetle.

Robert Chester, education officer at Sewerby Hall and Gardens, said: “It was a fantastic night, and those who came along, young and old alike, loved having the chance to see, and to handle, the amazing array of moths we have in the gardens.”

There will be another Moth Night on Wednesday August 3, from 5.30pm till 7.30-8pm at Sewerby Hall and Gardens, costing £3.50 for adults and £1.50 children.

Bookings are being taken now at the Welcome Centre.

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This summer at Sewerby Hall and Gardens includes the new interactive Smugglers! exhibition, looking at how smugglers illegally traded goods using remote beaches and secluded caves, usually at night, including those at Flamborough, in a trade which reached its peak in the 18th Century. There is also the Dad’s Army exhibition until September 30, which includes features such as maps, photos, videos, Second World War memorabilia and two costumes from the movie.