Mother’s warning on beach incident

Carly Warren with her son Tyler who was stung by a weever fish
Carly Warren with her son Tyler who was stung by a weever fish

A mother is calling for caution on Bridlington beaches following an incident with a fish which could have left her son needing an operation.

Carly Warren, 34, was on Bridlington South Beach on 12 August with her son Tyler, five, when she heard an almighty scream.

She said: “He was sat in the sea and then I noticed he had frozen, then he screamed. My heart just stopped. He started shaking his hand and was sobbing his heart out. I looked and his hand was bright red with two puncture holes in it.”

Carly led Tyler to the lifeguard station where he then went into shock. The lifeguards took action to remove the toxins from Tyler’s blood after realising he had been stung by a weever fish.

Carly said: “Tyler had to put his hand in hot water. When the lifeguard mentioned the poison I just thought ‘not my baby’. I had a vision of him in a hospital bed tubes coming from his mouth. If the spine had gone into joint then he could have needed surgery.”

The Burlington School pupil has a medical condition called Spherocytosis which means his spleen kills his red blood cells faster than normal due to them being a sphere shape. This leaves Tyler more vulnerable to these incidents.

Now Carly is warning other people who go to the beach.

She said: “If anyone does get stung by a weever fish then get yourself to a lifeguard immediately otherwise you could get poorly. They are well disguised in the sand but their fins are as sharp as a needle.”

Tyler has since been to his GP who gave him the all-clear.