More than a million spent on Bridlington roads and footpaths

Road Works-'NBFP PA1339-8
Road Works-'NBFP PA1339-8

More than a million pounds is expected to be spent in Bridlington on road and footpath repairs during this financial year.

Figures obtained by the Free Press show that East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) predicted a spend of £1,027,042 on carriageway and footway maintenance for 2013/2014 - nearly double the cost from the previous year.

A spokesperson for East Riding of Yorkshire Council said: “Bridlington locations have featured highly in this year’s allocations. We cannot as yet be specific about precise locations for works in the coming year, as the prioritisation process is still ongoing.

“Condition surveys and inspections have identified need at various locations in Bridlington.”

Bridlington’s roads received a very high level of investment this year, compared to other towns in the area.

Forecasts for 2013/2014 reveal County Town Beverley is allocated £239,258, while Driffield and Pocklington could get £100,749 and £81,496 respectively.

The ERYC spokesperson said: “Capital maintenance budgets are aligned each year based on needs identified through condition surveys and inspections. All roads and footways are ranked in priority each year to allocate available budgets.

“Carriageway and footway maintenance involves various engineering techniques from a sealing of the existing surface to excavation and reconstruction of the full construction depth.”

During 2010/2011 the Council spent £544,777 on carriageway and footway maintenance in Bridlington, while this figure rocketed to £1,157,446 in 2011/2012.

The increase was in part due to the severe winter weather experienced that year which attracted additional funding from Central Government. Last financial year, 2012/2013, £641,814 was spent.

Mayor of Bridlington Councillor Terry Dixon said: “I think it is marvellous that road repairs are going to take place and if it is necessary it is necessary. I think it is marvellous they have got so much money to spend.

“Obviously it’s important because if the footpaths are uneven people can fall and break a bone and consequently this lead to suing the council which isn’t a good thing.

“Pot holes can soon damage the front end of your car. Some people can’t afford to have their cars off the roads.

“I just hope they do it properly. The only criticism I have is just to flush water and throw some asphalt in the road is a waste of money.

“Maintenance and road repairs isn’t Bridlington Town Council’s area but nevertheless it is still important to Bridlington.”

East Riding Council manages 3,300 kilometres of carriageway and 2,228km of footway, and predicts a county-wide spend of £15,923,821 for 2013/2014, compared to £10,830,083 during 2012/2013.

Another Council spokesperson explained investment is made based on an assessment of engineer observation, safety and current condition.

As a result, fluctuations from year to year can be observed within local regions because investment is not allocated based on proportionate distribution across the authority.

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