More parking wardens on the way to Brid?

Will Bridlington get more parking wardens?
Will Bridlington get more parking wardens?

Drivers, beware – there could be more parking wardens being brought into Bridlington next summer.

A council report has revealed that bosses are looking at recruiting three extra staff to work at the seaside.

There are currently 21 civil enforcement officers (CEOs) working across the East Riding, but three more could be brought into coastal resorts such as Bridlington in the peak season.

The report, presented to the council’s environment and regeneration overview and scrutiny sub-committee last week, says the extra wardens will ‘satisfy the demand for additional resource’.

The council wardens can give out tickets to cars parked on double yellow lines, in disabled spaces and taxi ranks, on zig-zag markings outside schools as well as issuing penalties in council car parks to drivers who do not pay and display.

East Riding Council took over responsibility from Humberside Police in 2011 and insists it operates a ‘firm but fair’ attitude.

The latest available figures show that more than 16,500 penalties were issued across the county between April 2014 and March 2015.

The fines raised almost £500,000, but around 30 per cent of the tickets were challenged by the drivers.

Around a quarter - 1,274 fines -were cancelled after the appeals.

Eighty claims were taken to a tribunal, 29 succeeded and a further 26 were not contested by the council.

Nigel Leighton, the council’s director of environment and neighbourhood services, who wrote the report, said: “This very low number is a vindication that the PCNs (penalty charge notices) are fairly issued.”