Mood in Burton Fleming ‘more positive’ after flood water subsides

Flooding Around Burton Fleming, and surrounding Area'PA1252-3m
Flooding Around Burton Fleming, and surrounding Area'PA1252-3m

KEITH Wells, chairman of Burton Fleming Parish Council, said the mood in the village was more positive.

Speaking to the Free Press on Wednesday, Mr Wells said that a group of farmers and villagers had used a digger to remove debris from the Gypsey Race around a mile outside Burton Fleming which had caused the water level in the village to drop by an inch or two on Tuesday and Wednesday morning.

He said: “As far as I know, debris such as branches and bushes were removed by a farmer and some others from the village and that seems to have helped the situation.

“We had to be careful how we did it and things were done very slowly, as we didn’t want to cause problems further down the Gypsey Race.

“I think the mood is now more positive. People can finally get four, five, six hours sleep without having to worry so much about the water rising into their properties.”

Burton Fleming Village Hall is being used as a hub for emergency services and for those who need shelter or cookng facilities.

Anyone in the village who needs to contact an authority or needs help because of the flooding can contact Burton Fleming Parish Council clerk Sarah Marr on 470534 or chair Keith Wells on 470280.

A further public meeting has been tentatively scheduled for 11am on Saturday, January 5. A venue has not yet been confirmed, but it is hoped that St Cuthbert’s Church will again be used.

Humberside Fire and Rescue service’s high volume pump has now gone, but three pumps remain from the Environment Agency to clear standing water.