Mobility scooter man knocks woman off bike in Bridlington

Scooter collision
Scooter collision

Police are hunting a man on a mobility scooter who knocked a young woman from her moped before continuing on his journey to the shop.

A CCTV image of the man was released by police after Fern Sayles, 20, of Sewerby Road, Bridlington was unexpectedly thrown from her Peugeot Vivacity bike when the scooter pulled out in front of her at the junction of Flamborough Road and First Avenue.

Gowlands Motor Cycles.'Fern Sayles pictured with her damaged scooter, after she was run into by a mobility scooter.'NBFP PA1341-3b

Gowlands Motor Cycles.'Fern Sayles pictured with her damaged scooter, after she was run into by a mobility scooter.'NBFP PA1341-3b

She said: “When I had got up from the floor I looked over to where my bike was and he was pulling his scooter off it and then he drove away.”

It is the second incident of its kind within a week as a 64-year-old woman was struck from behind by a mobility scooter, falling down and banging her head on the wheel of a parked car.

Fern, who works for Friends of the Elderly, said: “As I was turning he was coming up the road so there is no way he couldn’t have seen me. I didn’t see him to the last second so I couldn’t have stopped.

“I am angry now. At the time I was quite shaken up and I’m a bit nervous about driving it again.”

The 125cc scooter, which Fern uses for work, suffered £600 worth of damage to the brakes, electrics, paintwork and engine case - and she will have to foot the bill.

Fern’s mum, Julie Sayles, said: “I feel very angry that it could have resulted in serious injury for my daughter and he wasn’t hanging around. For him to do what he has done he is obviously not interested in paying.

“I am not sure how she is going to get back on her scooter.

“The only hope we have got is that he will come forward and the police will prosecute him.”

Police want to speak to the man pictured in the CCTV image who is thought to have been driving the scooter. Anyone who may know him is asked to contact Humberside Police on the non emergency number 101 quoting log number 168 of September 27.

The friend of the 64-year-old woman who was knocked down told the Free Press it happened as they walked down Quay Road after lunch one afternoon. Pauline Mitchell Welby, 72, of Bridlington said the rider was shocked, and needed to be helped back into her scooter. Pauline is now calling for stricter rules governing who is entitled to use a mobility scooter.

“They are adult buggies for people who are too lazy to walk,” said Pauline, whose friend was left bruised and shaken by the incident.

She said: “They are more than a menace.

“I think they just want you out of the way. Although I will admit some people do need one.”

She said those who use a mobility scooter should be required to have a doctor’s certificate, and should be properly trained in how to operate one.

Sergeant Carl Sweeting, of the Bridlington Neighbourhood Police team, said: “I am not aware of a particular problem in Bridlington.

“But incidents may not be reported to us.

“Whilst mobility scooters do not need insurance, users are liable for any injury or damage they may cause whilst using them on a footpath.

“If they inconvenience or obstruct footpaths they may commit offences.

“Mobility scooters can only be used by persons who are disabled with a few exceptions, so persons utilising them for “Fun” and causing annoyance to members of the public will be dealt with by Humberside Police.”