Men threaten injury with axe

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Two men threatened to put an axe in the head of a former homeless man they invited to a drinks party in Bridlington.

Michael McLoone, 23, and Joshua Bedford, 18, took part in a sustained attack on the vulnerable man in Park Avenue after marching him to a cash point machine ordering him to withdraw £30. Both men were in breach of court orders at the time.

The duo initially softened up their victim by inviting him to a Christmas drinks party in a flat in Park Avenue, Bridlington, until he recognised his stolen bathroom scales in their flat. Hull Crown Court heard (Wednesday Dec 3) the mood in the flat changed when Joshua Bedford turned to a pal and said: “Get the axe!”

McLoone and Bedford marched the man to the One Stop Shop in Bridlington where they warned him they would “cut him” with the axe and “put it in the middle of his head.” He withdrew all the money he had.

The duo proceeded to spend it on two cases of lager and food in the shop before marching him back to Park Avenue on December 24 2013. The man feared he was going to get “a good kicking” and saw his chance to run.

However, they both ran after him and caught him up. McLoone pinned him against a wall. They both punched him around the head. The victim shouted “!” An eyewitness saw the men throw four to five punches and heard a shout of: “Don’t let him get to the flat.” Bedford punched him in the eye, “making a horrible noise.” A witness called 999. McLoone kicked a female police officer and had to be Taserd at the scene.

The court heard McLoone has five previous convictions including one for robbery in July 2011 where he was given three years in prison .

Michael McLoone of Park Avenue, Bridlington, and Joshua Bedford of Eldon Grove, Hull, both pleaded guilty and assault. Bedford also admitted eight offences of shop theft and failing to attend court. Bedford has 23 previous convictions

Barrister Chris Dunn said Bedford he had wretched and tragic upbringing. He said Bedford had no one so show him support, love or teach him right from wrong.

He said Bedford was a street urchin and sending him to prison could make him a more professional villain.

Barrister John Thackray for McLoone said he was a talented singer, who four days after his arrest became a father for the first time.

He said: “His voice is really quite impressive. He has sung at festivals and been well paid for it. It is not to everyone’s taste..its hip hop and rap.” He said on his release he sought to move away from Bridlington back to Leeds or Batley.

Sentencing Judge Mark Bury told the pair it was a sustained assault on a vulnerable man by two people who had first robbed then struck their victim. He told Bedford: “You drink excessively. You take drugs. You steal at will. It is said you have learnt your lesson. You are going to learn it a bit more.”

He ordered he should be sent to a Young Offenders’ Institution for two years. Judge Bury told McLoone he was not a man without talent, but had a previous conviction for robbery and had been recalled for breaching that sentence. He jailed McLoone for 20 months.