Meet the new vicar at Christ Church

The Rev Mark Carey at Christ Church in Bridlington
The Rev Mark Carey at Christ Church in Bridlington

We went to meet the new vicar at Christ Church in Bridlington, to chat about his hopes and aims in his new role.

The Rev Mark Carey arrived in the town three weeks ago and is officially Priest-in-Charge of Bridlington Quay, and Bessingby.

Rev carey has moved to Bridlington after 10 years in Harrogate

Rev carey has moved to Bridlington after 10 years in Harrogate


Rev Carey arrives in Bridlington after 10 years as a pioneer minister at the Kairos Network Church in Harrogate.

He said: “It was a new kind of network of churches for the Church of England. It was great and we had a great time as a family there.”


He said: “We were familiar with Bridlington because we used to come here for holidays and trips, so part of it feels familiar and other parts are an adventure.

“A couple of minute’s walk and I can see the sea.”


“There’s a real warmth and friendliness, the people here have a real passion to serve families and support them.

“I’m really enjoying it here. This is a great place to be. And it is all go at Christ Church, it is a very lively church.”


“Long-term, I want to carry on the great developments which have taken place here over the years, with a loving approach to the town and the local community.

“Our aim is to share the transformational love of Jesus.”


He succeeds the Rev Jonathan Couper, who spent three decades at the helm of Christ Church.

“The long-term commitment of Jonathan and his family meant so much has happened and given a very good legacy.”


He has moved to Bridlington from Harrogate with his wife Penny.

They have three children. Joe, 21, and 18-year-old Dan have stayed in North Yorkshire, but daughter Grace, 16, has joined the couple in Bridlington.


His father is Lord George Carey, who was the Archbishop of Canterbury from 1991 to 2002.

“I’m proud of my dad and my heritage, like we all should be, but I’m me, I’m here as my own person,” he said.


Rev Carey is a big football fan and a keen Arsenal supporter.

He also loves films and enjoys regular trips to the cinema with his teenage daughter Grace.

“I also love a good box set,” he said.