Mayor’s window smashed by brick

Mayor Shelagh Finlay had a brick thrown through her window. NBFP PA1516-5a
Mayor Shelagh Finlay had a brick thrown through her window. NBFP PA1516-5a

The mayor of Bridlington has said she ‘will not be intimidated’ after a brick was thrown through her window displaying a labour election poster.

Councillor Shelagh Finlay says a large brick was thrown through her living room window in the early hours of Sunday morning, breaking a double glazed window and smashing a fish tank.

Councillor Shelagh Finlay

Councillor Shelagh Finlay

Councillor Finlay, who is standing for re-election in the Bridlington South ward of East Riding Council, said the incident could have been related to May’s election.

She said: “I am not saying it is definitely in relation to the election but it seems strange that of all the windows, they pick the one which was displaying the labour poster in it.

“The brick must have been thrown at some speed to smash a double glazed window and then fly through the living room to the fish tank.”

Councillor Finlay was in her dining room at the time of the incident when she heard a smash and called the police immediately.

She said: “My husband Mike was upstairs so I am just happy that no one was hurt. Mike or myself could have been in there and I am just pleased that we are OK and we can move on.

“We have had the fish tank for more than 15 years but luckily I managed to save the fish that we have had since 1997 so I am glad they are fine.”

Councillor Finlay was distributing leaflets in Bridlington on Saturday 11 April with her address on them before she stands ahead of the local ward elections next month.

She suspects that the leaflets may have had an influence on proceedings but claims this will not harm her election campaign.

She said: “It was my first day of distributing my posters and then this happens on the night. This sort of thing has never happened before.

“The police came round and boarded the window up at about 3.30am and I was straight outside sticking the poster back up. I will never let people like this get the better of me and I will not be intimidated.”

A Humberside police spokesperson said: “We are appealing for witnesses and help in identifying the person responsible for throwing bricks through the window of a house on Springfield Avenue at midnight on March 4.

“Anyone who has any information in relation to this incident should contact Humberside Police on the non-emergency number 101 quoting Crime Reference 2107715. Alternatively call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.”